Cellex-C Fresh Complexion Mist

Fresh Complexion Mist

Fresh Complexion Mist is a pale, leaf-green herbal based toner containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids designed to gently stimulate the skin’s natural sloughing action to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion. Photo damaged and intrinsically aged skin no longer sheds dead skin cells at the same frequency as young skin.

The result is a build-up of opaque skin cells creating the dry, devitalized, flat complexion — typical of old looking skin — which hides the fresh, new layer of skin beneath. It is this new surface that is revealed with regular use of Betaplex products.

Suitable for all skin types.

180 mL / 6 Fl. Oz.




Must have
If you're not digging the higher percentage of acids in the Line Smoother or New Complexion Cream this toner has just the right amount to be effective but not harsh.

Samantha L., Wisconsin, USA. 8/5/2018

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Natural products — Complete the cleansing process with the Fresh Complexion Mist that closes dilated pores and gives the skin a healthy glow.